Kahunguni Boys, Gatundu South, students released to go back home after protest.

Violence in public schools is still not over after one school in Gatundu South, Kiambu County, collapsed and damaged school property of unknown value.

Superintendents of Kahuguini boys’ school today were forced to release all students back home after they started protesting.

The students, according to John Mutheki, the head of the Kimunyu area, had written on the school’s recommendation box that they would burn down the entire school if they were not allowed to return home.

“All the students were released after they threatened to burn down the school. They had written a letter and put it in the school preferences box saying that they would burn down the school if they were not allowed to return home, ā€¯Mutheki said.

It is reported that the students destroyed the classroom windows, a signal that forced the authorities to release the students before serious damage could be done.

One of the main reasons for the need to return home is to emulate your classmates from other schools by staying in school too much and missing out on their ability as “comrades”.

“Students from other schools called their institution Kahuguini Girls meaning they are weak because they did not march like them,” Mutheki said.

The institute is located just a few kilometers from Mururia and Muhuhu boys who resorted to violence a few weeks ago.

According to the chief, the students will resume their studies next week on a day he did not disclose.

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