Kai Havertz unable to solve biggest problem of first Chelsea season with Germany FC.

When the dust settled on the shocking conclusion of Group F last night, it was easy to forget about Kai. They are on the German side with a big flaw and England, despite the weight of history, should not be afraid of them when they arrive at Wembley next Tuesday night. From the uncertainty of defense and the lack of consistent assumptions about offenses against teams ready to sit down and face off, Jogi Low’s squad doesn’t seem to be claiming yet. Again, this is Germany; these clichés exist for a reason.

Their depreciation in the last 10 days has been shown by Chelsea Champions League winner Kai Havertz and certainly the best Die Mannschaft player in the tough group stage despite being relegated in all three matches and heavily criticized in German media after first match.

The 22-year-old’s last move to Munich last night was his first equalizer, although the balance did not last for one minute as the determined Hungarian side, producing their incompetence and good participation, climbed the other side to score. . seconds. Havertz’s goal was the pinnacle of good personal performance under controversial circumstances. It was also common for Havertz, as the journey in which he appeared to be the spark of his team was not very transparent.

It was also the story of his first campaign at Stamford Bridge. Last week, he admitted feeling overwhelmed to follow in the footsteps of many great people, telling the Sueddeutsche Zeitung that he was expected to live immediately like Ronaldo, which is why he was afraid before the games.

But there is still a feeling that the whole package that comes along with the norm is still around the corner even though, at the same time, the misconception surrounding its work ethic continues.

Much of this is due to the appearance of Havertz fraud. For those who don’t care much, his trembling style can falsely translate into laziness. In Germany’s opening match against France, a 1-0 scoreline failing to tell the story of the world champions’ dominance, he unveiled the field more than any other player in the 74 minutes before Serge Gnabry’s departure and still faced criticism from others in the media. Germany because of a lack of effort. In fact, there were many of them; implementation was problematic.

Havertz greatly improved that in a 4-2 victory over Portugal despite calls for retirement. His ability to get into the danger zone made life difficult for 38-year-old Pepe and Premier League player Ruben Dias this season with one goal could be three.

When he was picked up by Thomas Muller last night, immediately after scoring a goal that seemed to be sent until they allowed it again within minutes, no German player exceeded 8.43 kilometers. Havertz does not stop moving, laziness charges have been filed.

He was always seen as the most dangerous member of a German team that was soft and playful. After 17 minutes there was a right descent that ended with a low-key cross which Peter Gulasci did well to ignore, while his direct shot found a corner in which Mats Hummels set the frame for Hungary’s goal.

In half an hour, Havertz saw a low shot blocked before the rebound combed while Karim Benzema equalized for France against Portugal in Budapest with a disallowed penalty. Minutes after Real Madrid put the Blues in the lead, putting Hungary temporarily on the Wembley route at 5pm next Tuesday, Havertz punched a direct shot at Gulasci.

Events in the Hungarian capital remained unimportant as long as Germany.


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