Kama unataka yeye omba polepole: Uhuru pleads with Bodaboda riders to be gentle with Female clients.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has assured the players in the boda boda industry that there is no conflict between the government and the industry.

Uhuru, while addressing residents of the Nairobi pipeline area on Sunday, April 4, impressed the runners with his recent directive.

On March 8, Uhuru ordered a crackdown on the bodaboda industry a few days after a woman was allegedly assaulted by a group of cyclists on Forest Road in Nairobi.

The decision was opposed by motorists who accused the state of punishing them at the expense of prosecuting a few perpetrators of an incident that sparked riots across the country.

However, speaking on Sunday, Uhuru made it clear that there was no bad blood between his administration and the riders.

This came at a time when he said very distorting words over Raila’s helicopter stoning incident . here Is the video :https://youtube.com/shorts/TaQiSq5pL5Y?feature=share

He said the suspended order was aimed at instilling discipline in the troubled sector, especially after the Forest Road incident.

“Young boda boda no one should deceive you that I have bad blood with you, I want us to finish the licensing exercise before re-entering the road, then join Saccos which you can run,” he said. .

Making a joke on one platform, Uhuru urged motorists to be gentle with their female customers.

In an incident in which a rider was beaten by a female client, Uhuru said there was no need for a rude incident when there could be “peace talks” between the parties.

Angalieni wazazi wetu hapa, watoto wetu, wasichana warembo. Jamani kama una haja na huyo mtoto jamani omba pole pole. Hakuna haja ya kuchukua na nguvu. Na ukiomba utapewa (Look at our parents, beautiful girls. If you got the urge, please request her in peace. No need to be forceful. If you request she will definitely grant you),” said Uhuru amid laughter from his audience.

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