Kamiti Call Centre: Where inmates con Kenyans with the help of the guards .

Thousands of innocent Kenyans face jail time in the Maximum Committee Prison at least once.

The disclosure of Lulu Hassan of Citizen TV titled “Committee Call Center” revealed the internal performance of the saga which resulted in locals and visitors losing millions of dollars.

An unnamed source who spoke to Ms Hassan revealed that the inmates were doing business in the A-street of the prison.

There, a source said, there is a busy area where no one should be arrested without working.

Inmates use a particular phone type for additional SIM card positions and features that help adjust the volume.

Apparently, some inmates have the ability to steal illegal goods, including phones and drugs, but they cannot eliminate fraud and vice versa.

One of the inmates in the region shown on Citizen TV was David Bett, who is serving a life sentence for robbery.

Mr. Bett is seen making phone calls while pretending to be a stranger.

“Some victims are surprised by the idea of ​​meeting a stranger, even if they do not understand English well, they are very happy to listen to the accent, you have to visit the woman or man you are targeting. and sexually explicit messages for about a week until they want to meet you, ”the source suggests.

“When they ask you to visit them then you bring up issues such as travel expenses, you can tell them you are on your way from Lodwar and ask them to help you with money, money because the attendants do not receive the card. charge.

Other disadvantages include freight forwarding and one of the biggest benefits is the recruitment exercise of the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF).

Prisoners hunt millions of unemployed youths and their families.

“Scammers can send messages to up to 1,000 people at random and select random numbers,” he said.

“There is a recruitment process going on at KDF, you write a message to inform the recipient of the recruitment campaign and ask them to send their child’s details with special care, then send a text to 1,000 addresses. How many people want their children to join KDF, too many.

“For some of the victims, they are given false credentials allegedly from the KDF coordinator to persuade them,” said the source.

The detailed plan also involves other people outside the prison as well as prison guards who are also seen in false videos.

The guards, a source said, could earn at least 5,000 shillings a day from fraud.

The abusive prison guards also receive 2,000 shillings for helping the criminals hide the phones.

The equipment is hidden in the ground in deep holes, videos show.

Regarding the money raised from the well-planned games, a source said, there are individuals waiting at the ATM waiting to withdraw the money.

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