Kangemi man who threatened to kill his father if not given his inheritance had been found guilty by the court.

A man from Kangemi who threatened to kill his father by inheritance has been indicted by a court in Kibera.

George Kinyanjui was arraigned before Kibera senior magistrate Phillip Mutua, where he asked for bail.

He allegedly threatened to kill his father Jenga Kinuthia on September 26 in the Kangemi area of ​​Dagoretti in Nairobi County.

The indictment states that he made threatening remarks to Kinyanjui at 3:30 am on the same bad day, contrary to the penal code. He reportedly shouted at his father, “You must give me my property or I will cut you off” (I ask for my share of the inheritance or I will not hurt you).

On that day, court records show that the complainant was at his home in Mau-Mua when the accused, who is his son, arrived with a machete.

He reportedly hired his father about the inheritance, then threatened to kill him after being reprimanded.

It is reported that the accused mentioned that he wanted his share, as well as the part that his father received from his grandfather so that he could continue with his life and do other things as the complaint was not forthcoming.

The trembling complainant reportedly fled to safety in a shop owned by one of his tenants where he hid until the accused appeared before reporting the matter to police.

Mutua gave him a deposit of Ksh 300,000 and a deposit of the same amount.

He also ordered the case to be mentioned after two weeks for further instructions.


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