Kanye West teases on whether to attend his second listening party.

Renowned music and fashion musician Kanye West has surprised netizens about whether he will attend the second night of listening to his much-anticipated 10th album, Donda


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[photo/courtesy] – Kanye West.

It will be the second convention in less than two weeks that the controversial musician is looking to host it with the intention of promoting his latest full project.

In a secret post uploaded to social artist pages on Saturday, the image displayed appeared to be a upload icon with the text “DONDA 08.05.2021” named below.

TMZ announced that the rapper was camping at the Mercedes Benz stadium, the same area where the listening ceremony took place. Reports indicate he rented space for more than six characters to complete the album, and a large number of VIPs were seen visiting.

The multi-million dollar rapper sold the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta on July 22 to impress fans with a unique album to be released the next day on all DSPs, postponed for another two weeks until August 6. in Kanye’s traditional style , angry supporters. The capacity of the living room is estimated to be 51,000 people, without official confirmation.

Fans who traveled to watch the moment in history rushed to the venue, bought tickets for Shs 5,000; The products were sold for Shs 12,300 and snacks at a higher price.

“Before he leaves A , he’s looking to make another $ 3 million to $ 4 million . The confidence of this man.” Thursday’s event saw him sell $ 50 tickets, 30 hot dogs, just listening to someone play his album on his phone. Ugh, ”Joy Young tweeted.

Fans expect the best value this time around, though Kanye has not officially announced the event, he just posted a photo.


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