Karen Nyamu accuses Samidoh of beating her while 3months pregnant.

Karen Nyamu accused Kikuyu musician Samuel Muchoki of domestic violence in a video on her Instagram.

Nyamu, director of the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company, said the controversy followed her trip to Mombasa, which she said was related to work.

He allegedly entered her home on Monday, August 7 that night and accused her of cheating because she was suspected of having another man in Mombasa.

The aspiring politician accused the musician of beating him in the face and damaging his iPhone 12 pro phone which sells for Sh150,000.

“He just came to my house and beat me badly, threatening to kill me and go to the Committee,” he said.

Nyamu said he would file a police report and drag Samidoh to court despite this being the first time he had laid hands on him.

“I was hiding in one of the bathrooms in my bedroom, but he looked everywhere until he found me,” he continued.

“I was beaten, had my hair cut. And I’m only 3 months pregnant. We women are very stupid, we have to teach these violent people a lesson,” Nyamu added.

He said that such insecurity was the reason he did not want to get married, especially with a wealthy man.

The lawyer also revealed that he had expressed his views on their toxic relationship with Samidoh.

Aggressive thing Karen and Samidoh

In February 2021, Karen confirmed that Kikuyu singer is the father of her son Sam Muchoki Jnr after months of rumors.

In March, Samidoh confirmed that he had an affair with Karen Nyamu, which led to the birth of their child.

The singer said he put himself and his family in a bad place, but he never left his 11-year-old wife for another woman.

He went on to say that he was a proud father and that he would always help his children.


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