Karen Nyamu is the mother to my Kids; Samidoh stated.

Samido confirmed his relationship with Karen Nyamu. Karen has always been ridiculed for what many call “coercion”, but she is no more.

Speaking in an interview with AFLicker TV, he said;

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh.

“She (Karen) is the mother of my child.”

When asked why he and Karen traveled by plane with him on a musical tour of the United States, Samidah replied.

“Life has taught me that when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging, stop thinking about how you will get out of it.

People think they know everything about me. I don’t need to express myself, whatever people want to think of me, they are free to do it. “

A few days ago, Karen became angry with Samidoh for allegedly publicly denying her.

Well, we asked Samidoh who arrived in Texas yesterday if he traveled with Karen Nyamu? It was after Karen Nyamu shared their flight tickets from Nairobi to Dubai.

The fan had sent her a DM, claiming that she was a house breaker and that Samidah loved his wife, Edday.

Samidoh responded with a statement that appeared to mock Karen.

“Tell the person who participated in the tickets to Dubai to challenge me for sharing tickets to Dallas.”

Karen said the baby’s father never supported her.

Adding that her fans think that she is pushing issues and that she is insane.

She added that Samidoh should have gone to the abuser who used DM instead.

“The truth will set you free. The only thing I will never do is be afraid of you, why should I be afraid of you? Hahaha! It was easy to say we took different connecting planes because we are doing airline business in the latter areas.

You should even take this opportunity to avoid the problems of your family because traveling with me should not be a myth.

They know we’re together and address me instead of an attacker on my DM confuses! You have made it their day. I’m tired of defending myself against these trolleys and the one who should defend me is the one who produces it. Sometimes I wish I were a man. “

He added;

“I’m ashamed to do this but I know if I don’t do the story it will remain that I’m crazy! And compelling lol! I never said landing in Dallas and landing in Dallas what’s the big deal?

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