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KCSE candidate in Bomet rans out of exam room says question too hard.

A KCSE student from Bomet county refused to continue sitting for KCSE exam this morning. He said that he had not studied for the exam and he was not doing it.

The student whose name is yet to be revealed said,” who would do an exam that has not studied for it.” Citizens who have come across the video have condemned him for being rude saying it was on him to study for the exam.

“I am not doing the exam, even if it was you how can you sit for something you have not thought. Unless you want something else from me. I’m not doing it.” he said.

He is said to have missed today’s paper after walking out of the exam room to the surprise of the invigilator who upon asking him what the matter was he told him off. He was called to the principal’s office and upon being questioned he rudely replied that he had not been thought what the exam questions had.

what’s your thought on this whole story?

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