Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka admits impregnating woman, seeks court settlement.


Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka agreed to take on the role of his unborn child in a friendly residence with a woman who sued him for care.

Lusaka, however, refused to comply with the woman’s request to buy her a house or pay her a lump sum of Sh25 million.

Through lawyer Peter Wanyama, Lusaka told Judge Anthony Mrima that he had already agreed to assist the woman during her pregnancy and took on the role of the unborn child while awaiting the birth of their child at seven months.

“She hired the woman to deal with her grievances and when the baby is born she will take care of any other issues that may arise. They agreed that the speaker would give her an interview before giving birth, provide her with accommodation and other expenses related to maternity care, “Wanyama said.

According to Animals, the speaker invited the woman after she fired him two weeks ago for throwing him out after she got pregnant and giving them time to talk privately before agreeing on a peaceful settlement.

Animal asked the court to give them 30 days to complete the negotiations, but the woman’s lawyer, Danstan Omari, insisted she be given seven days to make a final agreement with the woman.

Omari told the judge the question was how to deal with the pregnancy so that the woman does not get depressed and lose her baby, which does not require 30 days to settle down.

“The issue of parenthood has already been resolved because we have a father who has admitted that he is responsible for the unborn child. What the mother needs is care to be able to carry the pregnancy, ”said Omari.

Wanyama said, however, that the real dispute was not that Lusaka was taking care of the woman during her pregnancy, but that she wanted the speaker to buy her a house or pay her 25 million shillings within a week.

He said the speaker gave her the opportunity to provide accommodation and pay for maternity care while they waited for her to give birth and that the dispute would be transferred to the children’s court if they failed.

“The speaker does not deny that he is the father of the unborn child. She has agreed to give her the support she needs during pregnancy, but she insists on buying a house, which is not possible, ”said Wanyama.

A woman known as INM sued the speaker two weeks ago for allegedly pregnant and abandoning her.

She vowed in her affidavit that she had been in a close relationship with Lusaka since 2018 and that she met a lecturer at her Nairobi home on April 1 where she insisted they were having unprotected sex and found out immediately that she was pregnant.

“Ever since I announced the good news to the speaker that we would have a baby as a token of our love and care for each other, at least in the three years we have been around, I have been plagued by negligence, cruelty, and contempt,” he swore.

She said that as a result of the rejection she developed pregnancy complications that she is unable to treat because she is unemployed.

Her lawyer, Omari, said that the two had an intimate romantic relationship controlled by several cases of unprotected sexual relations from 2018 to two months ago, when they disagreed after which she revealed she was pregnant.

According to Omari, the reason for the disagreement was Lusaka’s insistence that the woman stop the pregnancy, but she refused because she had no close relationship with any man except the speaker.

She asked the court to order the speaker to pay a lump sum of 25 million shillings for the woman’s care, or, failing that, to pay 200,000 shillings daily to cover her pregnancy expenses.

Judge Mrima gave Lusaka and the woman 21 days to settle the case peacefully and report progress on July 28, when the case is mentioned.


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