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Kenya Athlete Rerimoi held in Mexico prison pleads for help

Rerimoi Barsitei has been suffering in a Mexican prison since February last year after being arrested along with Mexican athletes he organized.

He was arrested on February 14, last year with a group of Mexican athletes he had housed.

Rerimoi Barsitei

The champion of the Culiacan Marathon 2020 does not speak Spanish, the most widely used language in Mexico, and his letters to the Kenyan Embassy in Washington DC for assistance, have been unsuccessful.

Kenya has been approved as Mexico from its Embassy in Washington, DC, USA.

A source close to the athlete told Sambazanews media that Rerimoi has not yet made a statement, and his fate is unknown.

Barsitei hails from Keturwo, Barwesa Ward, Baringo County.

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