Kenya bans baby feeding bottles over ear and dental problems caused.

The Ministry of Health has banned the use of baby bottles from May 28.

The bottles were listed along with breast milk supplements as regulatory and regulatory substances because they did more harm than good.

The ban comes after parliament recently passed the Breastfeeding Regulatory Control and Control Act (BMS) 2012.

Esther Mogusu, Senior Nutrition and Nutrition Officer at Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS), said the decision was important as it affects breastfeeding as they are made of silicone that does not look like breast, causing nipple confusion. causing refusal to breastfeed by the baby.

Sample of a baby feeding bottle (image)

Mogusu further explained that bottle-feeding causes pressure in the baby’s inner ear, thus causing recurrent swelling in the ear.

Biting the nipples of the bottle also causes tooth decay and poor jaw formation.

The Ministry of Health has also noted that baby bottles are not easy to clean due to its drainage to hide bacteria and germs that cause stomach upset and diarrhea.

Many mothers, instead of using bottled milk, store unhealthy fluids.

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