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Kenya deploys drones to hunt thieves

The Kenyan government has been forced to take action due to alarming reports of people believed to be from neighboring Uganda stealing maize planted for seeds of the Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) farms in Trans Nzoia County.

ADC to deal with extreme theft has bought high-tech drones that have already been tested in the Sabwani ADC farm in the county.

The director general of ADC, Mohammed Bulle, announced that a state-of-the-art security system will be used to monitor and control activities on farms.

He revealed that the government was losing agricultural products that were smuggled out of the country.

A photo file of drones

The company revealed that if the drones were deployed for the first time to tackle cross-border theft, there would be nationwide publicity.

According to ADC, the big plan is to have security drones monitoring all government-owned farms across the country.

Bulle pointed out that the theft has an impact on seed production in the country, which threatens food security in the country.

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