Kenya Heavyweight boxer Elly Ajowi eliminated from Olympics.

Kenyan boxer Elly Ajowi is the latest boxer to be knocked out of the Tokyo Olympics after losing to Cuban Cuban Julio Cesar La Cruz by a score in the men’s heavyweight division.

The four-time heavyweight champion won 5-0 in a joint decision.

Elizabeth Akinyi, the only remaining Kenyan boxer, will be up against Alcinda Helena Panguana of Mozambique today at 2:12 pm KST.

Only four Kenyan boxers have won Olympic tickets.

Ajowi’s loss comes just hours after Irish Magno of the Philippines defeated Kenya’s Christine Ongare by a joint decision in the No. 16 Women’s Weight Loss Group at Kokugikan Arena, Japan.

Magno won a joint decision on Ongare, with four out of five judges scoring 30-27 on his behalf.

Another Kenyan boxer, Nick Okoth, also saw his Olympic medal end on Saturday in the hands of Mongolian Tsendbaater Erdenebat in the 16th round.

The Mongolian won by a 3-2 split, after winning the first and third sets 3-2. Okoth, however, beat him in the second round 3-12.

The captain of the national boxing team, better known as the commander and his boxing counterparts, said earlier that at his age it would be very difficult to expect him to be in the ring for the next three years when the next Olympic Games are held in Paris in 2024.

“I won all the medals I wanted to win in boxing and the Olympics were what I wanted, but unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to win it,” Okoth said after the loss of Mongolian Erdenebatyn Tsendbaatar.

Elizabeth Akinyi remains the only Kenyan boxer. She will be battling Mozambican Alcinda Helena Panguana today at 2:12 pm KST.


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