Kenya Kwanza MPs to be taught table manners tomorrow

President William Ruto has said there will be a feasting decorum preparing for Kenya Kwanza pioneers on Saturday.

Ruto said it is fundamental that pioneers get the hang of feasting politeness.

“Tomorrow we are likewise going to have a meeting to show you a touch of manners. We need to show you what to do. Since in some cases we get humiliated when senior individuals don’t have the foggiest idea how to hold a spoon or a fork,” he said.

Kenya Kwanza leader President William Ruto image
Kenya Kwanza leader President William Ruto image

The President talked during a retreat with Kenya Kwanza MPs in Naivasha.

They additionally examined issues of Public Get together administration and returned to their pronouncement.

Ruto said the preparation was in an offered to coach the pioneers.

“You know certain individuals we underestimate things. So tutapangana namna hiyo,” he added.

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