Kenya Power to start offering affordable internet.

Troubled Kenya Power is now at the forefront of launching an affordable network in an effort to diversify its revenue sources.

After successful testing, the electricity distribution company prepares to supply the service, first to retailers, before being able to distribute it to individuals.

A Business Daily report on Monday, March 7 indicated that business customers would have the option to purchase an electronic package including internet service from a utility company.

The cost of a new package should be announced within a few weeks. Kenya Power has announced that it will launch affordable services for Kenyans to gain market share as several internet service providers already own the business.

“We will give our business customers the energy connected to the internet service,” Kenya Power said.

“Kenya Power will use our wider network to enter the market … we will give traders the opportunity to use our network for their own basic or unnecessary use,” the company added.

The service company has been seeking to increase its revenue since announcing the Ksh 3 billion revenue it received from its online data market.

The rapid increase in Kenyan internet data usage led the company to launch its data operations in 2010 and install more than 4,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables.

The power company uses the cables to run the electricity grid and lease additional capacity to telecommunications companies.

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