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Kenya set to lose Mombasa port to Chinese over SGR debt.

When the President and his team launched SGR project, majority of Kenyans and leaders questioned the authenticity of the project and how it would help Kenyans. However, they were told the benefits and that shut them for a while. After the project came to an end, transport companies and workers complained of loss of jobs due to the new means of transport.

However , they were told to adapt since the country was moving forward to it’s 2030 dream. When the debt of the SGR project was brought to the public limelight Kenyans were up in arms against the project funded by the Chinese government.

Roomers of how the country would suffer paying the debt were spread but nothing was being done to cross check the facts surrounding it. Today the auditor general has come out openly to say that the country couldn’t be able to pay up the SGR debt.

Reports indicate that Kenya could now lose the Mombasa port to Chinese government in order to cover the debt. This could be one of the few projects the government hasn’t accounted for. Kenyans are yet to come to terms with these move just in case the deal is sealed for them.

With the rate the economy is rising and prices going high,, and taxes I wonder what Netizens will do??

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