Kenya won’t recognize Maritime ruling against Somalia.

Kenya has said it has removed mandatory powers from the International Court of Justice and will not recognize the verdict in the ongoing Somali maritime case, Foreign Minister PS Macharia Kamau has said.

Kamau told reporters on Friday that the Kenyan government would not recognize the decision and respect its outcome which is due to be released out of court on Tuesday next week.


Kenya and Somalia have fought a long-running legal battle at the ICJ over land near the Kenyan coast.

The dispute is related to the country that owns it.

But Kamau said the court had no jurisdiction to decide the dispute.

Kamau complains that the court was biased and therefore could not resolve the dispute.

Kamau said the government believed the dispute should have been resolved through peace talks.

He said the case was a Somali attempt to undermine the country’s territorial integrity, an attempt that began in 1969.

He was detained by Deputy Ogola Deputy Chief of Defense Forces, Attorney General Kennedy Ogeto and PS Defense Minister Ibrahim Mohamed.

The decision is expected to end a seven-year maritime case that Somalia submitted to the ICJ in 2014.

The dispute is over the ownership of more than 100,000 square kilometers of Indian Ocean water.

Somalia says its maritime border should follow the same direction as the south-eastern transit of the country’s border, while Kenya insists the border should be 45 degrees along the coast and follow latitude.

This provides access to the largest segment of the marine space.

Kenya, however, withdrew from the ICJ case in March this year because of unfair court cases, treason and foreign interference, among other reasons, according to the ministry.

This was after the failure of joint efforts to resolve the issue through negotiations.

While Kenya opts for talks, Somalia has backed the ICJ.

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