Kenyan-Based Tik Tok Star ‘Frank Murugi’ Exposed As A Fugitive Belgian Drug Lord

Frank De Tank, a Belgian national and TikTok star living in Kenya, has sparked outrage on social media following his arrest for drug trafficking.

He quickly gained over one million followers while running a TikTok account under the name “Frank Murugi”. However, after his arrest, his followers recognized the man behind the mask.

Frank, 42, flew to Kenya in 2017 and rented a house in the Nairobi suburbs where he lived with his 22-year-old girlfriend.

He then used his growing popularity among Kenyans to open a channel. His videos have grown rapidly, with most of them receiving over 2 million views, and most recently received 15.5 million views yesterday.

His excessive lifestyle, on the other hand, attracted the attention of the public and the police after he spent a lot of money, using luxury cars and foreign hotels.

Frank’s true identity was revealed after he was deported last week after reports surfaced that he was wanted for allegedly raising Ksh452m (£ 3.5m) while drug trafficking continued.

Frank, a father of two, is believed to be the main suspect in one of the worst criminal cases in Belgium.

According to international media, Frank and his friend El Hajjioui Nordin were suspected of being leaders of a gang that shipped more than 2,000 tons of cocaine in 2015 and 2016.

Nordin was reportedly sentenced to 40 years in prison, but has since fled to the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai. The Belgian authorities requested that she be reinstated, but the United Arab Emirates denied the request.

Frank, who had previously served as a docker at a Belgian port, was later arrested and interrogated. Later, he agreed to work with the police to help apprehend the gang.

He was released on bail and then flew to Kenya in 2017. A further investigation led to his re-arrest.

His trial began on February 11, 2022. After a formal trial, he could face up to 12 years in prison or less.

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