Kenyan identical triplets reveal that they are dating one same man

The three twin sisters have revealed that they are now dating a man after falling in love with him at different times.

Speaking in an interview with Jalas, the three; Cate, Eve, and Mary state that having a relationship with their husband was not difficult as they have been very close sisters and have been involved with same stuff since childhood.

Kate saw the man first and shared the news with others who also fell in love.

They also hope to marry the man in the future.

“I saw and told Mary about it before Eve knew and loved her. We plan to marry her and she is also ready for that,” said one of the sisters (Cate).

According to the sisters, he meets them privately on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively before a joint supper on Friday.

Although it may shock many, the three twins who do everything together are increasingly seen as normal in these times.

In many families with many children, they are often raised to share everything from a young age to the point where choosing to share a husband is not a difficult choice for them.

The three identical ones also pursue a career in gospel music.

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