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Kenyan woman dies in Saudi Arabia after a botched kidney removal by her employer

A 33-year-elderly person who kicked the bucket three weeks after she showed up in Dammam Saudi Arabia is accepted to have passed on during a messed up activity to eliminate one of her kidneys by her manager.

Her significant other, Abdulrazik Juma, claims that his significant other, Rose Atieno, had settled on her last trouble decision to illuminate him that she had been constrained by her manager to go through a medical procedure to eliminate one of her kidneys that would be given to a debilitated. relative.

She showed up in Saudi Arabia on May 23, 2022, and was accounted for to have kicked the bucket on June 7.

Kidney donation in Saudi Arabia

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“l couldn’t contact her for more than three days. Her cell phone had been turned off and after five days, she called me with an alternate number and let me know that she had been seized and was being held at a neighborhood clinic despite her desire to the contrary to give her kidney,” he said.

Juma claims that later on, she didn’t hear from his better half, and a companion informed him that she had passed on in a clinic where she had been hurried to after she purportedly tumbled off a stepping stool while cleaning windows at her manager’s home.

Juma added that her body showed up in the country on Tuesday night through the Moi International Airport and was gotten by the family.

“At the point when the body showed up in the nation and was brought back home at last vigil had the opportunity to grieve my significant other and took a gander at her body and found careful recuperating blemishes on her stomach demonstrate enough that she was worked on before she passed on in muddled conditions,” he added.

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