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Kenyans convinced Nadia Mukami is pregnant – she responds.

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Nadia Mukami is in the news again after some Kenyans speculated she might be pregnant. Yes, some very inquisitive Kenyans believe that the singer who is dating Arrow Bwoy covered her pregnancy with heavy lost clothes.

One of these Kenyans, Barbie Bentah, hinted at this fact when she contacted a local blog, after seeing photos of Nadia’s Christmas show in Eldoretto.

Barbie wrote: “So you guys are pretending you can’t see the pregnancy … Since when did Nadia wear the sweater? For my part, congratulations on the crab you don’t say.”

Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami

Some Kenyans responded that they had also seen ‘the baby piercing’ and wondered if Nadia was carrying Arrow Bwoy’s baby?

Some have said that Barbie sees his stuff and starts a bad rumor. And what did Nadia say to herself?

She just laughed at random, giving “answer, no answer” where he wrote: “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂loooool”

The interesting thing about the rumor is that Arrow Bwoy had already talked about it a few weeks ago. He said the couple would have children within 3 years because they were using contraception.

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