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Kenyans Gift Ksh350K to 6-Year-Old Who Rescued 2 Kids From Burning House

A six-year-old youngster is drawing in acclaim from all over after he effectively saved two different kids from a consuming house.

Richard Kitonga boldly got his two nieces matured four years and two years to somewhere safe when the fire broke out in their Machakos home while their mom was away.

Moved by his quickness, his neighbors met up to add to the family to reconstruct a piece of the house obliterated by the fire.

An individual from the board taking care of the commitments, Timothy Kilonzo, noticed that the group had raised an amount of Ksh350,000 since the house torched seven days prior and is as yet making progress toward getting the Ksh700,000 deficiency.

Richard Kitonga’s mom Damaris Makau addresses the press
Richard Kitonga’s mom Damaris Makau addresses the press.CITIZEN DIGITAL
“We had one little child who we gazed upward to as a legend and later we sat we the board and sat with the family and commitments started.

“To this date, we have raised near Ksh350,000 and we are shy of a spending plan of Ksh700,000. The development started right away,” expressed Kilonzo.

The episode happened not long after Kitonga’s mom, Damaris Makau, who is a widow, left the three youngsters and went to the close by shop.

“I left with my child to go to the shop to get him a sweet. At the point when we got to the shop, we thought that it is shut. He got once again into the compound and I locked it,” she noted.

Upon return, Kitonga found the house ablaze and his most memorable sense was to have his nieces put in a protected corner as he wanted to assist them with getting away from the compound through a security fencing.

The mother noticed that when she returned, she found fire immersing her parlor yet the youngsters were mysteriously gone.

“The fire was in the parlor and I was unable to see the youngsters yet one of the neighbors let me know they were at her home,” she added.

Kitonga noticed that he assisted them with getting away for security first as they went to search for her mom. He took them to a neighbor’s home.

“I tracked down the kids outside and saw a gigantic fire. I requested that they get out through the wall to go search for mum,” expressed the little Kitonga.

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