Kenyans now know how it feels to live in Uganda – Bobi Wine tweets after Museveni’s son threatens to capture Nairobi

Uganda’s resistance chief Bobi Wine has said something regarding President Yoweri Museveni’s child disputable tweets about Kenya.

“Dear Kenyans, you currently comprehend living in Uganda under Gen. Museveni and his child, whom he gifted the most noteworthy military positions and put him responsible for our territory powers!

Unfortunately, underneath the silly tweets lies a beast who mistreats and torments our kin for no particular reason!”

Muhoozi Kainerugaba, had a Twitter implosion on Monday saying he would bring down President Ruto’s administration in under about fourteen days.

“It wouldn’t take us, my military and me, fourteen days to catch Nairobi,” he tweeted.

Bobi Wine
A photo file of Uganda’s opposition leader Bobi Wine

He went on to communicate discontent after previous President Uhuru Kenyatta neglected to challenge for a third term.

“My main issue with my older sibling is that he didn’t represent a third term. We would have won effectively,” he composed.

Not yet done communicating his thoughts, Muhoozi, the Uganda Nation’s Safeguard Powers pioneer, mockingly snickered at Kenyans who contended that the country was a majority rule one which observed the constitution.

“Haha! I love my Kenyan family members. Constitution? Law and order? You can’t be serious! For us (Uganda), there is just the Upset and you will before long find out about it!”

President Museveni has adjusted the constitution two times administering Uganda for near forty years. This incorporates the transition to eliminate the term and age limits from the constitution.

Prior to attacking Kenya, Muhoozi had proposed that Wine could never lead the country calling him ‘Kabobi.’

“Kabobi ought to realize that we won’t ever permit him to be Leader of this country!”

Adding, “I don’t fear a political decision against Kabobi. I would beat him seriously! We beat him in 2021, we will beat him in the future.”

Wine challenged last year however lost to officeholder President Museveni. He tested the outcomes at the High Court however later pulled out the case and has stayed areas of strength for an of the President.

In the new past, he has asserted that the 78-year-old was behind the kidnappings that had been going on in the country.

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