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Kenyans tickled by Sakaja’s funny answers about his real name during the 2022 Debate

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There was a light second during the 2022 Nairobi lead representatives’ discussion after Senator Johnson Sakaja took on KTN writer Zubeida Koome.

Everything began after Polycarp Igathe, who was bantering with Sakaja returned to the official’s certificate adventure and guaranteed he had doctored the certification endorsement that he obtained from Uganda.

Igathe proceeded to scrutinize the congressperson’s personality, questioning if ‘Sakaja’ was to be sure his genuine name. Notwithstanding, Sakaja, who is looking at the seat on a UDA ticket, was incensed when Koome, who was together directing the discussion, suggested a similar conversation starter.

This led to a bitter exchange between Zubeida and Sakaja

Zubeida: is your names Sakaja?

Sakaja: Is your name Zubeida?

Zubeida: I’m the one asking the questions

Sakaja: If you ask unnecessary questions I give you an unnecessary answer!

Zubeida: Just tell us if your name is Sakaja

Sakaja: Who did you invite?

At long last, the legislator said his name is ‘Arthur Johnson Sakaja’ and posed the writer the inquiry him about the main problems confronting Nairobians.

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