Kenya’s new electric PSV bus burst into flames along Karen road.

There was a state of anxiety and panic on Karen Road after one of the last electric buses in the country caught fire while transporting. The BasiGo Group electric bus was carrying on with its daily activities when the incident occurred.

From the video shared online, huge flames can be seen coming from the bus. The blaze is very difficult for drivers and pedestrians to put out without the assistance of the county fire brigade.

According to the video, the bus has already caused irreparable damage because the flames are so intense and spreading rapidly.

At the time of publication, it was not immediately clear if there were passengers inside the bus or if injuries had been reported.

BusGo, which was recently launched in the PSV market, focused more on promoting environmentally friendly transport in the country. The buses are designed to carry up to 25 passengers and are 250 miles away before charging again.

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