Key suspect in Forest road incident identified but managed to escape

The Criminal Investigation Department (DCI) has uncovered the originator of the Forest Road incident in which a woman was sexually harassed by a gang of bodaboda drivers.

A fast-paced video surfaced on social media earlier this week showing a group of bodaboda drivers raiding and stripping a driver on Professor Wangari Road, formerly known as Forest Road.

In a statement, DCI revealed that Zachariah Nyaora Obadia was the main suspect in the incident, as a scientific investigation put him in the crime scene.

However, Obadiah escaped from the net of detectives after searching for him in the informal settlement of Mukuru Kaiyaba.

“However, the suspect who is aware of the ongoing manhunt against the bodaboda operators who committed the offense escaped our net with a hairline, through a sewer pipe in a crowded settlement,” DCI said.

Investigators said the suspect was well known by his wife and other relatives sexually abusing the victim in a widely circulated video tape.

DCI warned the fugitive not to engage in spying on cat and mouse games but to report to DCI headquarters or the nearest police station within 24 hours.

“Similarly, his accomplices who were close to the brutal attack, whether caught on video or not, have all been scientifically identified,” the statement said.

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