KFC explains why it can’t buy potatoes from the local Kenya farmers.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast food chain is running out of potatoes to make French cakes at its Kenyan restaurants.

The business, best known for selling potato chips and fried chicken, said Kenyan consumers would have to choose another option to address the shortage.

“Fam, it was a Happy December, You ate with your KFC fans, you loved our chips very little, and we are running out of them, sorry, our team is working hard to fix that issue.

Meanwhile, here are some SWAP options for combed meals if you like our Chicken, “they announced.

KFC runs out of chips offers customers Ugali as an alternative

This sparked criticism from Kenyans, who questioned why the restaurant could not buy potatoes from local farmers.

Now, KFC’s Director General for East Africa, Jacques Theunissen, has explained why they cannot buy potatoes from Kenyan farmers.

According to Jacques, KFC prepares its chicks for potatoes that have passed quality assurance.

“The reason we are unable to buy local products at the moment is because all suppliers have to go through an international quality approval process and we cannot deal with this even though we fail to ensure that our food is safe for our customers to eat,” he said.

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