KFC runs out of chips offers customers Ugali as an alternative.

Kentucky Fried Chicken-Kenya, popularly known as KFC, said it sold its Christmas after New Year’s celebrations on Sunday, sparking heated debate on social media.

Named the best fast food partnership in the world, it announced its huge sales on Sunday which has attracted KFC lovers’ treats in placement across the country.

The Company then turned to social media to apologize to its customers for the inconvenience caused.

“Fam, it really was a Happy December. You ate a party with your KFC favorites. You liked our treats so little and we ended up with them, ”the company wrote on social media.

In an interesting comment that was not taken lightly by Kenyans online, KFC provided alternative escorts for issues such as needing chickens. Alternatives include porridge, coleslaw and rolls.

“Sorry! Our team is working hard to resolve this issue. At the moment, here are some SWAP options for combing meals if you like our Chicken,” a KFC statement read Monday.

“Please select one of the items below as an alternative. “

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