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Khaligraph Jones, Japesa arrested for throwing dirty words at the president.

Incase you have not yet seen or heard this…..

After curfew time was initiated by the President and lockdown was announced , the rapper seemed to be offended by the decision of the president that he further went online to trash the name of the president on his Facebook page using heavy dirty words.

He posted a video of him holding a show late at night – after curfew hours.

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The rapper later posted several incidences showing his disrespect against the measures and regulations put in place by the government.

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Later today the rapper updated his fans on his arrest due to his posts that he had posted previous day.

He shared a photo of him being handcuffed and seemed like he was being escorted by officers of the law.

He apologized to the president and was asking for help from his fans. He wrote that he was expected to produce kshs 1million as the bond for his release.


Do you think the rapper should go through the same treatment the Sonko went through for disrespecting the president? Drop the comments on the comment section at the bottom of the page…… Thank you.

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