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” Please save Kenyans, I will campaign for you for free,” Khaligraph pleads Ruto.

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After the curfew were enforced to be at 8pm , Yesternight thousands of Kenyans were locked away from their homes .

Popular Musician and Kenya rapper has stood up for Kenyans . He took to his social media pages pleading with Deputy President William Ruto to help the hustlers in the nation from the current situation.

He even went to the extend of promising to campaign for him for free.

“Hustler najua utasoma hii, Mahustler wanaumia kwa ground. Wanalala njaa,wanafungiwa nyumba. If you help us in this situation, I will campaign for you for free in the coming elections. Help us unlock our country,” Khaligraph posted.

This comes a few weeks after Kenyan citizen demonstrated on the streets asking for the president Uhuru Kenyatta to unlock the country . The country has been undergoing uncertain times due to Covid-19 virus which has left the common ‘mwananch’ suffering.

Some who loose their jobs due to the virus and the economy of the country is still rising.

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