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Kibera Women sell their bodies in exchange for water due to lack of funds

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Nairobi water scarcity has affected various parts of the city. These organizations have teamed up to sell high-quality water to vulnerable Kenyans who are struggling to afford the basic commodity. Women have also been victims of sexual violence in these water facilities, as investigated.

BBC Africa visited Kenya’s largest slum called “Kibera”, in which women told of their suffering in such waters. The women said water prices were high, which prevented them from paying. In this situation, some of them end up selling their bodies in exchange for water.

According to the BBC, these women preferred to hide their identities for security reasons. One of the women said this one day when she went to fetch water later that evening. she was attacked by two young men at a water station and tore her clothes and raped her. After losing consciousness, they left her just so people could find her in a bad condition the next morning.

Another woman said at the water station there are people who smoke marijuana and abuse women by holding them inappropriately and others being raped if they show up alone.

According to BBC Africa, another woman said she often could not afford water due to lack of funds. So she slept with water vendors to get twenty liters of water.

“I had to sleep with a water vendor because I could not pay for the water I took on loan for several days.” One woman said.

According to the media, they spoke to the governor who said they are solving the problem by employing women at water facilities. It is about building security for women who come to fetch water.

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