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Kijabe hospital on the spot after Guards Beat a Kin Taking Care of Family in ICU And Steals From Him

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Kijabe Hospital is located at the scene after their bodyguards allegedly assaulted a relative who was caring for his family members who were lying in special care after the macabre accident.

According to John Mbugua, 21, he was taking care of his sister, brother-in-law and their two children.

Her sister and brother were released and she was left with children as her sister was still weak.

That day, his sister let him go but the trouble started at the door where he was harassed by a guard.

The guard wanted to know if he had been allowed to leave the hospital as his written consent letter had not been stamped.

He told her what he had found in the trenches but the guard continued to harass him. She decided to call the nurses who told her everything and she was free to go.

Mbugua alleges that the guard accused him of beating him and then other guards attacked him and beat him severely until he lost consciousness.

He woke up in the hospital with broken limbs and is now in a coma. He lost his ID and the Ksh 1,000 he had in his pocket.

Mbugua appeared at Kijabe police station where he pleaded guilty.

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