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King David Kamama boys student arrested after being linked to Mugumo girls arson attack.

A student from king David Kamama boys student has been arrested after being suspected to be involved in Mugumo girls arson attack. Cases of students burning down their learning institutions have been on the rise and something needs to be done urgently.

According to sub-county commander Anthony Mbogo the suspect was arrested at his locality at Kamunye village in Embu county. Investigations conducted were drawing back on him for sneaking into Mugumo girls secondary to cause chaos. He gave his girlfriend a matchbox that in company of her colleges was used to torch a dormitory .

“Some students who are being held here at Kianyaga police station mentioned the suspect and they have agreed to be state witnesses,” Mbogo said. He also encouraged all students , teachers and school staffs to be on board so as to help determine the fugitives of crime.

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