King Kaka; I was misdiagnosed and given wrong medicine.

Rapper King Kaka has opened up about his recent plight, days after several pictures of him appeared weak and sick in a hospital bed spread the virus on the outskirts of Kenya.

The rapper says the onset of his black period began about four months ago when he was hospitalized and misdiagnosed.

During an interview with Radio Citizen on Tuesday, Kaka claimed that the hospital had given him a bad medicine as well, throwing him into the hands of an unexplained disease of anxiety and weight loss anxiety.


“I was sick four months ago, I went to the hospital and the doctor diagnosed me badly, my body started eating slowly and I started to lose weight,” King Kaka told Radio Citizen

“It got to the point where I started paying slowly, I said I was 85 but when I went to the hospital I was 62 years old,” he said.

Kaka, who has not yet commented on the nature of his illness, says he did not take any action against a doctor or hospital because he believed it was a real mistake.

“I’m not a very forgiving person, I said look for another treatment, sometimes it’s not someone who plans. You forgive each other and you’re looking for medicine elsewhere,” he said.

Kaka, who recently released Manifest, a film inspired by the riots, says it was the lowest point in his life and he often lost hope.

“It’s a chance to be very active, I can’t ask for something like that from anyone, but it’s important, the family was there a support system,” the rapper said on Tuesday.

He is grateful for his support system, especially his wife Nana, who was always close to him, assuring her that everything would be fine.

“My wife has fought a lot, sometimes I had a mental breakdown, but she kept saying it would be good, my boss gave me a lot of mental strength,” King Kaka told Radio Citizen.

According to the musician, the situation has taught him to be more grateful for all the blessings in life and not to take anything for granted.

“Everything is a blessing, if you can eat, there is someone in a place where the hose can not add, if you can walk, it got to a point where I could not drive, I was hit by a hose with a wheelchair,” he added.

The rapper also says he is now fit and overweight, weighing 74 kilograms.

“We are still fighting, I have check-ups with doctors, but I am at home and recover, I can improve and I have started to lose weight, I am 74,” he added.

“People’s prayers will help me, and it will help me,”

Kenyan netizens quickly discovered that the incident was similar to musician Jimmy Gait’s fiasco of 2019 and a local hospital.

The singer said the Nairobi center diagnosed her with a sore throat and advised her to undergo surgery in India.

Doctors did not know if she would be able to sing again, or not, after the operation.

When he visited India, however, a doctor known as Dr. Sanjay Khanna explained that it was just an acetic acid, which did not require surgery or complications.

The singer also said he was shocked Kenyan doctors recommended surgery immediately before testing him, hinting that they only wanted his money.

“I’m shocked that the doctor would rather give me money than give me the right treatment,” she says.

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