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Amason Kingi and PAA party agrees to join ODM party.

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi Together African Alliance (Paa) is heading for a coalition agreement with opposition leader Raila Odinga of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) after the county leader refused to join Vice President William Ruto’s camp..


Governor Kingi, who left ODM two months ago to form the Roof, will meet with Odinga to sign a memorandum of understanding at the party’s official launch later this month.

Mr Kingi reportedly refused several calls to join the Dr.

Paifi Advisor and Kilifi South MP Michael Kingi, who is the governor’s brother, confirmed to the nation on Thursday that the ODM leader would be the main guest at the party’s launch at the end of the month.

Open an office

“We have opened offices in six counties in the coastal region and a total of 30 others in different counties across the country. We are currently finalizing preparations for the party’s inauguration and Mr Odinga is expected to attend the ceremony,” said Kilifi Sud deputy.

“We are fighting for the whole area and not for the individual, which is why Governor Kingi rejected UDA’s request to join the party. He was offered a cabinet post if he joined the UDA, but felt that this was not enough for the coastal region and that was why he was continuing with his plan to form a party to represent the region’s population. On the beach, “said the deputy.

The Governor’s return to ODM could help the Orange Party maintain its stronghold in the region due to the governor’s role in the 2017 general election to ensure the ODM gets all seven parliamentary seats, as well as the seats of governor, senator and women’s representative.

Lots of seats

Thanks to Mr Kingi, ODM won the most seats in the Kilifi County legislature, winning 27 of the 35 seats.

One month ago, at the funeral of the mother of Kwale governor Salim Mvurya in Samburu, the second-term governor vowed not to join Dr Ruto’s UDA party.

“How long will coastal residents continue to be political planners? I will not join you because we must have our own house, ”he said. Mr Kingi, who is serving his second and final term as governor, has been criticized by some politicians in Kilifi for justifying his running of the county by agency after the August elections next year.

Strategic platform

Kilifi North MP Owen Baya said on Wednesday the governor wanted to use Paa as a strategic platform on which he would continue to lead the county to protect its interests.

“Someone wants to remotely control the next county government and, if we continue to support the Roof, we run the risk of losing jobs and resources in the next government,” Baya said.

In a quick response, the governor’s brother ignored Mr Baya’s allegations, claiming that the latter was being used by UDA to calm down the roof because the new clothes were a threat.

“These people talking about the roof should tell us which parties are working and what is wrong with our people. Do they support other parties because of their personal interests, or is this something that could benefit the whole region?” .

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