Kinoti suffers another blow as his attempt to reverse his imprisonment term fails .

Attorney-General’s attempt to postpone four months’ imprisonment imposed on DCI chief George Kinoti for disobeying a court order failed.

Attorney General Kihara Kariuki has asked the court to suspend his sentence pending a decision to overturn a decision issued on November 18 by Judge Anthony Mrima.

Mrima sentenced Kinoti to four months in jail for failing to comply with a court order requiring him to return the businessman Jimi Wanjigi’s guns.

Kinoti; image/courtesy

Mrima said Kinoti must, within 7 days, surrender to the officer in charge of Kamiti Central Prison to serve his sentence.

“Given the nature of the orders sought and the history of the case, this court is of the opinion that any order will be reviewed after the application is heard,” said Judge Mrima.

The AG’s request is now scheduled to be heard on Thursday.

The AG in its application says contempt cases have been filed against the perpetrators because the protection of civilian weapons falls under the gun licensing board.

Kinoti alleges that he wrote to GA and advised him to write to the Weapons Licensing Board to issue the guns from Wanjigis in accordance with a court order.

“The GA office also wrote to Jimi Wanjigi and Irene Nzisa to pick up the guns. They did not do so for reasons known to themselves,” he said.

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