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Kinuthia confirms dating Mtumba man

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Well known cross-dresser and a tiktoker Kinuthia has confirmed his relationship with Mtumba man.

This comes abrupt after Kinuthia posted on his social media pages , claiming to be ready for a relationship and in search of love.

In his post, Kinuthis claimed that the best person to date if one has a ‘big’ body is a petite person.

“Dawa ya Balloon ni Sindano.” Kinuthia posted.

He didn’t stop at it on that, he added in his post asking Mtumba man to marry him.

“Mtumba man will you ❤️💍?” Kinuthia added.

The two have been TikTok sensation after consistently posting videos of themselves together.

Mtumba man rose to prominence after his viral video selling Mitumba clothes with his funny slogans.

Is it clout chasing or true love? Time is the only thing that will tell the whole story.

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