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Kisumu Boys must go – Governor Nyong’o states.

Kisumu Century Boys’ High School and other schools in Kisumu City will be relocated outside the city center, Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o said.
Professor Nyong’o said the schools do not add economic value despite being located on the mainland in the city center along the lake.

According to the governor, the city is commercial in nature and should be run as a for-profit organization.

“Given the value of the place, this land must be beneficial. We need to build an urban center instead of a school, ”Prof. Nyong’o told reporters in Nairobi as he briefed on the forthcoming 9th edition of the AfriCities Summit to be held in Kisumu from May 17-21 this year.

The Kisumu Boys, whose history dates back to the early 20th century when the Kenya-Uganda Railway was built, will be relocated to a 105-acre site in the Kibos area.

Under a plan launched earlier last year, Kisumu Girls’ High School, Manyatta Arab School, Kisumu County Referral Hospital, main bus station and Sunny Market will also be affected.

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