Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o home raided by thieves

Kisumu lead representative Anyang’ Nyong’o is counting misfortunes after hoodlums broke into his profoundly protected home and got away with an obscure worth of merchandise.

As per a fundamental report from Nyanza territorial police Karanja Muiruri delivered on Wednesday July 6, the looters carried off grouped garments and staple.

Nyong’o’s home in Ratta town, Seme sub-district is monitored by two cops who are doled out to the reason by the public government.

A file image of Anyang Nyong’o

At the hour of the strike, it isn’t certain if Nyong’o was at his home.

Karanja added that the matter was recorded by Nyong’o’s homestead supervisor suggesting that the assault could have been an inside work.

Karanja says police will bring proclamations from people inside the lead representative’s back’s home, neighbors as well as officials watching the home.

“We are exploring all points to figure out why the criminals broke into Nyong’o home which is under 24 hours reconnaissance by officials appointed by the public authority,” police made sense of.

He added, ” We are attempting to record articulations from every one of his laborers and different neighbors to lay out the rationale and how it was the entire arrangement was executed.”

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