Konshens to arrive in the country today, set for his performance.

Jamaican artist Dancehall and Ridim Konshens have confirmed that he is on a flight to Kenya. The artist had been arguing online with Eric Omondi, but it looks like they may already be dating. The artist has a new album that he has already promised to perform on new music songs in Kenya. He appreciates his Kenyan fans in general and wished he could do more to prove it. Konshens has become Jamaica’s most popular dancehall artist for young people.

Konshens on his plane to Kenya

From the Caribbean island, the artist is expected to perform at the end of the year in Kenya, as usual. It is also a favorite of women. Especially young people, they love his kind of hip music. Konshens took to social media to announce his arrival by posting pictures on a flight to Kenya. The artist from Jamaica Dancehall has always known the will of the Kenyan people and that is why he made it a special time to land in Kenya and show his passion as well before the end of the year.

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