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KR prohibits shouting in the train and of taking alcohol.

The Kenya Railway (KR) has warned passengers about the misbehavior of passenger trains during the journey and at their terminals.

In a notice , KR warned that they would punish any act that could disrupt the peace and comfort of the people at the stations and passengers on the train.


"The Kenya Railways is informing passengers that it is strictly forbidden to engage in any activity that causes or is likely to result in a breach of public order at the facilities," the statement read.

Some of the forbidden acts include playing loud music, playing, using threatening or abusive language, acts of violence, shouting, fighting and other forms of crime.

KR has also banned alcoholic beverages from stations and trains, adding that anyone found to be intoxicated will be removed from the train at another station.

"Anyone caught drunk on a train will be immediately evacuated to the next station," the statement said. Management will also not allow drunk and unruly passengers to board a train.

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