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KRA acquires new geo-mapping technology to track tax payment for landlords

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The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) now claims to have included geographical mapping technology for the purpose of tracking tax payments from landowners in the city.

According to the tax authority, a block management system using a geographic information system (GIS) is on the way, which will outline buildings in the capitals.

“We are investing in the management of blocks and geographical mapping systems to map all these urban areas like Nairobi and Mombasa and know where these owners are and who pays what and who does not pay taxes,” said Paul Matuku, KRA Legal Commissioner . services and consulting coordinates told Business Daily.

“This is a work in progress in this area (rental income tax) and we will bring all (owners) under tax,” he added.

The search also involves access to owners’ bank records on rental income and operating transactions with corporate companies such as Kenya Power.

The nurseries management system, according to the KRA, will identify city areas in apartment apartments to separate non-taxpayers from those who are not in its levy, as well as to discover new buildings.

Owners of commercial and residential property will be subject to supervision, notes the tax authorities.

The announcement comes just two months after the KRA said it had acquired the technology to analyze the activities of Kenyans on social media in an effort to ensure that their tax payments match their image.

“On social media there are people posting big things, you would see people posting nice houses, cars, sending their families to cool places etc. Here we don’t sleep, if we see them we see taxes,” he added. . KRA chief commissioner Githii Mburu said in November.

In an effort to bring more people into tax brackets and fight fraud and tax evasion, the authority said its agents would be on the lookout for users sending photos of luxury cars. , throwing luxury parties and showcasing luxury living.

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