KU student freed on a cash bail after buying food &Drinks worth Ksh 189,000 using fake Mpesa messages.

A third-year student at Kenyatta University was charged with obtaining food and beverages worth Ksh 189,000 from a hotel in the city for paying using fake Mpesa codes for three days.

Emmanuel Bwire, who was arrested and charged in the Nairobi High Court, is said to have committed the offense on a different date between December 13 and 16, 2021, at the Hill Park Hotel in Nairobi.

Court documents reveal that the 24-year-old man ordered the food and drink in pieces.

Emmanuel Bwire at Nairobi high court

“he ordered drinks worth Ksh 28,100 and a delivery fee of Ksh 2,000. He then asked the attendant to give him the invoice so that he could pay it through Mpesa. The hotel did not receive the message because their Mpesa mobile phone was in trouble, ”reads part of a police report .

The hotel attendant and the security guard who served as the driver delivered food and drinks and received Mpesa’s payment number from the accused.

The next day the student ordered drinks and food worth Ksh 47,000 which he claimed he paid through Mpesa and provided Mpesa’s payment number as usual.

He testified on the third day; he ordered drinks, food and transport worth Ksh 51,600 and gave the hotel attendant a Mpesa transaction number, but this time the hotel member asked the suspect to allow him to photograph Mpesa’s message, which he did.

The court heard that as they were leaving the defendant’s home, a lady approached the hotel’s security guard and guard and warned them about the master.

Returning to the hotel, and after double inspecting Mpesa’s transactions, the attendant was shocked to discover that the messages were false and that no money had been paid to the hotel by the accused through Mpesa since December 13.

He then rang the hotel accountant and was advised to look for the master.

Fortunately, on December 16, the accused summoned the attendant as usual and ordered food and drink amounting to Ksh 61,000.

This time, a member of the hotel accompanied a police officer to the student’s residence.

As usual, he gave Mpesa a false message and was immediately arrested by the police for further investigation.

Emmanuel pleaded not guilty to the charge before Magistrate Wendy Micheni and asked for mercy on the grounds that he had been detained by the police for more than 24 hours in violation of his constitutional right.

He was released on Ksh 50,000 cash bail

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