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Kungu Ndungu appointed as the Director of KENHA.

Transport Assistant James Macharia has announced the appointment of Eng Kungu Ndungu as the Executive Director of the Kenya Highway Authority.

In a statement, CS said the appointment was made on October 8.


He said the appointment follows a competitive recruitment process led by the board of directors of the authority.

“Until his appointment, Ing. Kungu Ndungu was the director of property and regional management in Kenha, “Macharia said.

SC added that Ndungu is well versed in various aspects of road engineering and road sector management in the country.

“He has been involved in major road development and maintenance projects and has demonstrated to the Council his skills and leadership and management qualities that were well managed financial, human and administrative.”

Ndungu succeeds Peter Mundinia, whose term expired after serving two three-year terms each.

He succeeded Linus Tonui on August 28, 2015 and was re-appointed on August 28, 2018 for a new term.

Since August this year, Acting DG Eng David Muchilwa has been in charge of the authority.

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