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Land Saga: Kenyatta University VC Paul Wainaina suspended

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The suspension of Kenyatta University Vice-Chancellor Paul Wainaina yesterday and the disbandment of the college committee was long in coming.

The most recent nine days have been frightful for the mild-mannered teacher of reasoning of training.

A file image of Paul Wainaina

As per University Education Principal Secretary Simon Nabukwesi, the new chamber headed by previous University of Nairobi chief, Prof Crispus Kiamba, was named on Friday and gazetted yesterday.

The committee, which held a gathering interestingly yesterday that happened until late at night, made plans to suspend Prof Wainaina for 30 days “forthcoming examinations” into charges of “demonstrations of unfortunate behavior”.

The board backtracked from its prior position on ‘terminating’ of the VC, who had held a workforce conference and declared his exit.

To act in his place, the board yesterday selected the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs) Prof Waceke Wanjohi.

When the gathering finished, Prof Wainaina had left and was, thusly, not presented with the suspension letter.

“Public officials follow up for the selecting authority however some arrive at there and neglect and act in resistance,” Mr Nabukwesi uncovered .

Signs that he was set in opposition to strong powers arose on Monday when a National Youth Service (NYS) tractor plunged on the contested land at 12.30 am.

Its main goal was to wreck a wall isolating the college and its posterity, the Kenyatta University Teaching Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH). A busload of NYS initiates gave security.

Prof Wainaina and the college board went through a lot of last week opposing endeavors by the emergency clinic, with sponsorship from the Office of the President, to extract 410 sections of land of its territory. This was in front of the Saturday momentous service for a Sh600 million World Health Organization Emergency Hub.

The expected recipients of the KU land are: WHO (30 sections of land), the Africa Center for Disease Control (10 sections of land), KUTRRH (180 sections of land) and resettlement of vagrants of Kamae Settlement Scheme (190 sections of land).

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