Larry Madowo in trouble over his recent tweet on Queen Elizabeth story

CNN worldwide Reporter Larry Madowo is being examined by Twitter. This after the writer in a virtual entertainment post on similar stage, guaranteed that individuals could have done without it when Africans recount to their own accounts in light of the examination notice from Twitter.

“Twitter is expected by German regulation to give notice to clients who are accounted for by individuals from Germany through the Organization Authorization Act detailing stream. We got a grievance with respect to your record for the accompanying substance… ” peruses the notification to some degree.

A file image of Larry Madowo
A file image of Larry Madowo

The substance noted was a tweet Larry posted on Friday, September 9, 2022, with respect to the passing of Sovereign Elizabeth II and how Africans saw her.

“Sovereign Elizabeth was not generally adored in Africa. My CNN live report on expansionism, fantasies and the Africans who won’t grieve her demise,” Madowo inscribed his transmission report.

Sovereign Elizabeth was not all around cherished in Africa.

My CNN live report on imperialism, fantasies and the Africans who will not grieve her demise

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