Last warning!! Release HELB loans to comrades or will start demonstrations – Babu Owino warns

Babu Owino, Member of Parliament for Embakasi East, is expected to organize and lead protests in Nairobi County, the capital of Kenya.

The decision comes just days after students from Kenyan universities and colleges from various institutions in Kenya phoned him to help him claim their HELB money from the suffering they have been experiencing since January 2022.

According to a message posted by Babu Owino on his Facebook page, Babu advised HELB officials to release students HELB money by next week on Wednesday, if they fail to do so, all their classmates should stage protests at various colleges in Kenya and he will do so. joining students and leading protests in Nairobi County.

Kenyans on social media have received mixed reactions to Babu Owino’s recent report in which some sections oppose his idea and wonder if he has no work to do while other netizens praise him for fighting for student rights here in Kenya.

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