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Late Adams Olwenya cause of death revealed

Adams Olwenya, sibling to previous Nairobi half-life entertainer Olwenya Maina, has denied reports that the actor was a drunkard.

Talking during Olwenya’s vigil administration hung on Thursday, July 15, 2022, at the Kenya National Theater, Adams expressed that the commended entertainer had no terminal sickness nor was he a drunkard as numerous sensationalist newspapers revealed.

“My sibling was not wiped out, second of all no one killed him and he didn’t bite the dust from drinking liquor,” he said.

As per the posthumous outcomes, Olwenya kicked the bucket because of a heart condition that hindered typical dissemination of blood to his fundamental organs.

A fie image of Adams Olwenya.

It is trusted the condition, deductively known as Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, could have come to fruition because of outrageous weakness that made his heart foster an unusual development hindering blood dissemination.

“The main thing the specialist educated us concerning his posthumous is that he had a coronary illness. This came about perhaps in light of the fact that he had outrageous exhaustion. His heart had congested, it seemed like it had a development. This development impeded his typical blood course,” added Adams.

Upon the arrival of his destruction, the entertainer’s sibling says he gave no indications of disorder and had the option to stroll back home from his typical tasks just to fall on appearance.

Adams accepts as a result of Olwenya’s condition, his pulse expanded after the significant distance walk however couldn’t as expected capability to keep him alive.

“He strolled back home to where he was that day with next to no issue and looked OK. His heart was siphoning excessively however and that is the very thing that caused him issues and he fell,” he added.

Olwenya’s family proceeded to caution tabloids against distributing bogus data about his demise, making sense of that their family tried sincerely and was in ideal wellbeing up until his passing.

“This multitude of different things individuals are hinting about my sibling, I simply need to excuse. My sibling was not at death’s door. What he was experiencing had no side effects that you’d say he saw and attempted to control,” he said.

Death of Adams Olwenya

The prestigious entertainer died on Monday, July 4, 2022, after out of nowhere imploding. Until his destruction, Olwenya was popular for his acting job in Taliya (2021), Poacher (2018) and Nairobi Half Life (2012). He likewise filled in as a voice-over craftsman at Radio Africa and was lauded for his perfect voice

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