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Washington DC government passes a law on worshipping Satan.

Satan will be worshiped among the people as agreed by the Washington DC government in America. This made the Christians living in the province repulsed by this law, for the worshipers of Satan would now go out in public to worship their new master boldly without interference from anyone.


A large group of Satanic worshipers appeared in large numbers in their legislature to perform their rituals unknown to Christians.


The Christians who saw them made them angry, but they did not care about the persecution of Christians. They continued with their mission led by their leader who had a pentagram.


Worship of Satan is a reality. In fact, the master overcame the world by forgetting God.


What if this public worship of Satan were legalized in other countries, including those in Africa? How will you feel as a Christian? Je! Will you help fight the spread of the enemy as a Christian? If so, what?

What is your opinion on Satanism in Washington DC that the government has legalized? Share them in the comments section below.

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